As part of our company ethos and as the need for renewable energy sources become more relevant we pride ourselves in keeping up with technologies that are available. We can incorporate these into your building, making it more energy efficient, cheaper to run and have less of an environmental impact.

The types of technologies we can incorporate are:

  • Sewage systems with reed bed filtration. Treatment plants that can discharge direct to a water course and systems that use no power to run them!
  • Rain water harvesting systems for simply watering your garden and washing the car through to house systems that incorporate the above as well as flushing the toilets and running the washing machine saving up to 50% of a household’s usage.
  • Solar for your hot water and to aid your heating demand.
  • solar for the generation of electricity.
  • Wind turbines for electricity generation and for export of excess electricity to the grid.
  • Up rated insulation and recycled insulation.
  • Underfloor heating systems, comfortable, hidden and more efficient.
  • Alternative heating sources like ground source and air source heat pumps utilizing free energy stored in the ground and air.
  • Many of these technologies can be incorporated into a new build home or renovation simply and cost effectively. Others can be added to your existing home or extension.

Give us a call we would be happy to advise you.